Funny T-shirts

Let your t-shirt wardrobe include some humoristic and funny t-shirt pieces and let them brighten up your gloomier days. :-)

In this category we have gathered all our men’s t-shirts with prints and decors carrying humoristic messages that hopefully will bring out smiles, or even laughter, and appreciation from people around you. It offers a mix of ironic situations in everyday life as well as witty and cool charm.

According to research, humor is a process in two phases. In the first phase, we are surprised or overtaken by something we did not expect, something that is not true, something we experience as illogical and inappropriate. In the next phase, we incorporate the unexpected with the previously given information and create a new meaning of the event or story.
After this, the laughter is often triggered. When we laugh, several different parts of the brain are activated and stimulated, including the dopamine-driven reward system and the amygdala, which is involved in the production of several positive and negative emotions.

Laughing often and a lot is said to strengthen the immune system, the cardiovascular system and the endocrine system, increase pain tolerance and reduce the effects of stress and trauma. Humor is also said to have had survival value from an evolutionary perspective. Most people agree that humor seems to have many functions - to strengthen the community in a group, to approach things that are difficult to deal with (shock humor about horrible events), to counteract depression and sadness, to entangle the opposite sex, to communicate ideas and to conquer and maintain positions of power, to name just a few. Charles Darwin believed that laughter served as a social expression of joy, and that this strengthened the group community and increased the chances of cooperation and survival.

With this in mind, go ahead and explore our funny t-shirts range and get ready to shop one or several of these in order to complete your existing wardrobe with pieces to wear at work as well as with friends and family in whatever outfit you like. How about that? :-)

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