Music T-shirts

In this unique t-shirt category for men we offer prints celebrating music and some of its legendary performers. On offer is a mix of designss that vary with collections.

Let yourself be inspired by for example cool and smart retro inspired prints and designs displaying the vinyl record players and cassette tapes. At the time when these were the equipment at hand for listening to music, the pace of life was quite different from today’s fast forward lifestyles. Listening to music was not a mobile or portable activity, but was something that people took the time to do and often enjoyed the company of others while doing it.

The first vinyl records date back from 1948 and were in the LP format (33 1/3). The 45 laps, which is the usual single format, came the following year.
In 1954, sales of vinyl records surpassed the 78 laps record, which then ceased completely in the United States in 1957. In the late 80's, the CD began to take large shares in the market as a distribution format of music and continued in the 90's to almost completely remove the vinyl record from the store shelves.
But the vinyl record has lingered in some places and new material is still being released on vinyl. In some genres, it is the vinyl record that counts as the format and the status of the black gold is quite high.

Besides this, the category also offers t-shirts with photo prints of some of the most legendary hip hop and R&B artists such as Tupac & Mary J Blige. Whether you are a fan of the vinyl records or different music genres in general, we encourage you to explore our range of men’s music t-shirts and get inspired to add new looks and create different and exciting outfits with one or more of these in your wardrobe.

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