Stripes T-shirts

With our striped t-shirts for women we offer a variety of colors and stripe patterns in close connection with the different seasons.

The striped t-shirt was introduced to the fashion scene by no other than the legendary fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel. During visits to the French seaside resort Deauville in Normandy, Chanel took a liking to and got inspired by the striped undershirt worn by French marine soldiers in the early 20th century. This shirt was made in a fine knit tricot jersey, a machine knit fabric often made of wool or a mix of wool and silk. Chanel also believed the female bathing suit to be an awful garment and wanted to offer women comfortable and fashionable beachwear for their resort stays. Hence, she opened a store in Deaville and in 1910 Chanel launched her striped tricot jersey shirt.

The seaside resort fashion then moves rapidly into the big cities and the striped jersey shirt becomes a standing feature in French fashion. Coco Chanel and the fleet's undershirt have inspired collections from fashion designers such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel and above all Jean-Paul Gaultier. The iconic striped sweater is now available worldwide, in all price ranges and designs.

Today, the striped jersey shirt has transformed into all kinds of tops to be worn all year round. At T-shirt store you can always find a selection of striped t-shirts for women in comfortable and organic cotton that could help you create a variety of looks and styles depending on what you feel like wearing and expressing.

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