Environment T-shirts

With the t-shirts for men in the Environment category you will have the possibility to show support and gratitude for our planet, Mother Earth. Because she’s all we have.

Our range includes different prints expressing thoughtfulness and care and the intentions of finding ways to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Welcome to all men that are looking for cool and stylish feel good t-shirts!!!

The awareness of climate changes and the impact that modern, industrialised and high technology societies have on natural resources and biologic diversity is rapidly increasing. The insight that major changes have to be made in order to avoid future disasters makes high authorities as well as industries and people unite in actions to achieve those changes.

The fashion and clothing industry is by nature highly resource demanding when it comes to electricity, water and when it comes to the use of chemicals. For this reason it is important that all partisipants (performers) throughout the value chains do their very best to invent and implement more sustainable methods of design, production, distribution and helping customers to follow guidelines in order to prolong the life cycle of the products.

For Tshirt Store this has been the main focus ever since the startup in 2006. At the same time as we wanted to offer a wide range of high quality t-shirts with different patterns and styles we wanted to create this in such a sustainable way as possible. Therefore we are only working with selected factories(plants) and suppliers that guarantees both environmental as well as socially ethical conditions of production. All our t-shirts are produced from organic and fair trade certified cotton or TENCEL Lyocell.

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