Embroidery T-shirts

Our embroidered t-shirts for women are carefully designed in cooperation with world wide and well known creators and illustrators.
Among these t-shirts we offer you a broad variety of themes, topics, expressions and designs in order to create great possibilities for everyone to find something they like.

Embroidered t-shirts are not that common or easy to find, hence we are happy to be able to offer all t-shirt loving women an exclusive and stylish way to wear something unique. Among our embroidered decors you can find feministic, environmental, humoristic, animal and flower designs as well as designs portraying the beloved characters from Snoopy and his friends from PEANUTS.

The embroidery is a crafts technique, mainly used on textile materials, where threads or yarns are sewn onto fabrics or other soft materials with a needle to create a decor. Among our decorations you can find different stitching techniques such as cross-stitching and flat stitching. At T-shirt Store, we find great pleasure in offering women modern style t-shirts with designs and decors created and crafted with traditional techniques such as the embroidery at a decent price..

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